"Hold your head high,
don’t ever look down,
be comfortable with who you are,
Our flaws are what makes us perfect"

Machine Gun Kelly “MGK” (via itsjackkkk)

"Oh, these times are hard, Yeah they’re makin’ us crazy.. Don’t give up on me baby"

MGK (via djemison)

"I just want to be young forever man. Roll the Peter Pan, light it up and let’s Neverland."

MGK (via electrallite)

"I done lost my friends, family, and home for this, and for that I have lost my mind, kept my faith, lost my direction
I’m just hoping that I haven’t lost my time."

MGK (via teamultratan)

"I don’t know where home is because I’m lost without you."

Machine Gun Kelly - Her Song (via atkins14)